Frequently Asked Questions

What is a suitable age for my child to commence classes?

Little Moves enrols children from ages 2 to 9yrs.

How will I find the right class to suit my child’s ability?

Classes at Little Moves are categorized by age, not ability; as we believe in our students having fun, discovering and growing with their peers by their side. Once we get to know our little movers, we work with them individually to heighten their strengths and build on those elements they find challenging.

We offer 6 different class levels:

Dance With Me (ages 2-3)
Petite Moves (ages 3-4)
Kindy Moves (ages 4-5)
Prep Moves (ages 5-6)
Junior Moves 1 (ages 6-7)
Junior Moves 2 (ages 7-8)
Performance Group (ages 8-9)

What clothing and shoes should my child wear?

Little Moves does not require students to wear a uniform. We believe that our little movers should be able to express themselves and dress creatively for class. In saying this, we do ask that your child's attire allows for freedom of movement so a simple leotard and skirt or a favourite ballet/fairy dress is considered appropriate. We also recommend that proper dance shoes are worn once a child has been enrolled to ensure that little feet are well supported.

How many students will be in my child’s group?

Our unique approach to teaching focuses on giving our students as much individual attention as possible so appropriate class sizes are imperative.

Do you have an annual concert?

Little Moves has an End Of Year In-Class Presentation for all Dance With Me, Petite and Kindy Moves students . Prep and Junior Moves students have an End Of Year Class Recital. As a boutique dance school, where our students' experience of dance is our priority, we do not promote extravagant concerts with hours of stage rehearsals. Our in-class presentations and Class Recitals are a culmination of what our students have learnt in class over the year. Our students wear beautifully hand crafted tutus and costumes which are all age appropriate. We ask that everyone be involved to celebrate the year that has been.