Where the love of dance begins...

Teachers use props, visual stimulus, instruments, costumes, books and music to keep our Little Movers focused and engaged the entire class.
There are no formal uniforms for Little Moves lessons, however, our students are encouraged to wear clothing which allows for freedom of movement. We love seeing their brightly coloured tutus, unicorn head bands and patterned socks.
At the end of each term Dance With Me (2 years) - Kindy Moves (4-5 years) perform their class work in front of family and special friends in their Viewing Lesson.

Prep Moves (5 years) onwards have an annual Recital that allows students to perform their class dances onstage, with the support of their teachers.

Little Moves Dance Studio Brisbane

Dance With Me

2-3 yrs

Children are gently introduced to movement concepts through play and creative stimuli. Primary care givers are actively involved in the class allowing for a shared experience within a nurturing and structured environment.

Little Moves Dance Studio Brisbane

Petite Moves

3-4 yrs

A delicate and magical class for the tiniest of movers. Our Petite Moves classes encourage your child to join in imaginative and creative movement. Costumes, stories and props are playfully incorporated to inspire your child to move, to have fun and to learn.

Little Moves Dance Studio Brisbane

Kindy Moves

4-5 yrs

Children are enchanted by costumes, activities and musical stories in our Kindy Moves classes. Our Kindy Movers are encouraged to harness their growing fascination of dance, movement and music whilst dancing alongside their teachers and friends. Themes, stories, props and music change regularly to continually encourage inspiration and imagination.

Little Moves Dance Studio Brisbane

Prep Moves

5-6 yrs

Logically progressing from our Kindy Moves classes, Prep Moves focuses on further developing your child’s movement, musical and creative skills through beautifully crafted exercises and improvisations. Students are encouraged to think and move based on their own artistic choices which ensures that each lesson has a unique and vibrant energy.

Junior Moves

7-8 yrs

Extending their skills and love of movement as they grow, our Junior Movers experience the excitement of learning other dance styles such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap and Musical Theatre. Movement control, strength and agility are encouraged in our action packed classes as our focus on technique is strengthened.

Little Moves

Ballet Enrichment

7-9 yrs

Ballet Enrichment is an extension class for students who have a particular interest in studying classical ballet and would like to further their understanding in ballet vocabulary, perform more difficult movement sequences and refine their technique.
Students are guided through this carefully curated program with the use of props, classical and traditional ballet music and visual stimulus. While this program is designed to challenge student’s technical ability, our teachers maintain a positive, collaborative and nurturing learning environment.

Performance Group

8 yrs +

Performance Group allows our older Little Moves students to pursue their love of performing all styles of dance beyond our Junior Moves 1 & 2. As part of the program, students' focus on developing their technical development and proficiency in a variety of dance styles whilst learning selected repertoire pieces to perform at local and community events.