Silver Steps by Little Moves is a pre-recorded series which has been specifically developed to meet the creative needs of pre-school aged children. It is the culmination of 20+ years of teaching young children ballet and creative dance. Silver Steps utilises and reflects the latest methods in movement education, whilst interlacing creative themes with multi-sensory learning and animation.

Join Miss Maddi and her friends, Sibella, Sam and Swan, as they explore Magical Places in Series One. 

Invite the wonder of dance into your child’s world…anytime, anywhere. 

Series One

Magical Places 

Experience an Episode

Episode 1

Episode 1 – A Royal Party


Complete Series

Episodes 1-5

Episode 1 – A Royal Party

Episode 2 – In the Fairy Garden

Episode 3 – Faraway Friends

Episode 4 – Wonderful Wizards

Episode 5 – A Dancing Daydream


Bonus Material

By purchasing the Silver Steps Series, you gain access to complimentary educational activity sheets, character colouring ins and the Silver Steps music track.

Enjoy a preview of Silver Steps below.

As Seen In

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What’s included

Silver Steps combines FIVE Key Principles to create a unique and engaging experience for your child:

Specially Crafted Movement Exercises

Silver Steps ballet and creative dance exercises require children to develop their body and spatial awareness, working memory, observation and communication skills.

The Art of Storytelling

Written by experienced educators, ‘Silver Stories’ allows children to delight in the rhythm of rhyme and repetition whilst comprehending and contextualising non verbal cues (such as mime), characters, plot and emotions.

Thematic Music Score

Using the Elements of Music, Silver Steps’ original musical arrangements foster numerical understanding, phrase awareness, rhythmic layering and instrument recognition all within themed episodes.

Visual Engagement

Through creative visual content, beautifully animated characters and key optical cues, Silver Steps’ will ensure that your child is captivated and their understanding consolidated from start to finish.

Love of Learning

In preparing children for a ‘life of learning’, the Silver Steps Series is based on a structured, developmental approach which cleverly intertwines important literacy and numeracy concepts such as the sequential learning and the identification of high frequency words.

How It Works