gentle dance classes, for creative students 

Are you interested in Little Moves offering classes at your school?

Little Moves would be delighted to offer students at your school an age-appropriate ballet and creative dance program led by imagination, movement, storytelling, and play.

Our experienced team is able to offer lunchtime and outside hours classes to students attending Pre-Prep to Year 9.

To discuss a tailored plan, best suited to your school’s needs, please complete the form below.

why Little Moves?

What is little moves?

Little Moves was founded in 2010 with an aim to provide students with a positive and nurturing dance education experience. The Little Moves program has been specifically designed over the past decade by teachers and dance artists.

Reflecting current research, connecting movement and higher-order thinking, by interlacing educational concepts which support cognitive development, spacial awareness, gross and fine motor skills and dance technique, the Little Moves program can be a valuable addition to your student’s extracurricular schedule.

What is the cost of Little Moves classes at school?

Students at your school can enrol in Little Moves lessons via our website. Pre-School classes cost $20.00 per lesson and School Aged classes cost $22.00 per lesson. A term levy is included in enrolment to cover the costs of additional learning resources provided.

By enrolling online, our staff have visibility to a student’s additional needs and requirements, and pick up arrangments.

When will Little Moves lessons take place at my child’s school?

Little Moves lesson run during school term. Exact timing will be confirmed with the school.

What age do your classes accommodate?

Little Moves lessons welcome students from Pre-Prep to Year 9. If your school has a specific requirement, please contact us to discuss.

Where do Little Moves lessons take place?

Little Moves will organise an appropriate classroom or onsite space to hold dance classes.

Who teaches the classes?

Little Moves teachers are passionate dance educators, who use positive encouragement, a range of stimuli and props, and various teaching techniques, to engage and delight children.

Our staff are professional and reliable, teaching close to 500 children a week.

Every class is a journey brimming with wonder, exploration and education.

We’re thrilled you’re interested in Little Moves!

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